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Yokohama Kart Event from V12media on Vimeo.

Der japanische Reifenhersteller Yokohama hat zu seinem traditionellen Kart-Rennen eingeladen. Mit dabei 25 Teams aus der Automobil- und Fachpressebranche . Sie alle stellten sich der Herausforderung auf der Kart-Bahn im waadtländischen Payerne. Auch wir von V12media waren mit unserem eigenen Team am Start.


Social Media Opener from Volkan Kutlubay on Vimeo.

Project Purchase Link;

Social Media Project in which you can edit and change easily.

No 3rd party plugins are used everything is prerendered!

There are 2 versions with 2 different logo reveal endings.

1-Black Logo 2-Original Logo

All the Social Media Icons are changable.

There are 4 scenes and a logo reveal pack shot for each version in which you can edit your own links and change the social media icons easily.

Help file is included.

All the background elements (Glass Cubed Social Media Icons) are also included as Quicktime.mov as seperate so you can use them in your other projects. Even tough they are blurred in the background inside the project you can find the original footages inside the project.

The music used inside the preview “Humanizing Technology (with Logo version)” is no included with the project but can be downloaded from the link below.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to ask.